Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Birthing A Baby Is A Selfless Act

by Purusha K. Radha

How we bring children into the world has more to do with the way they blossom into adulthood than we realize.  The adults they become make up the painted canvas of our world. Is our world peaceful and serene? I think you’ll agree though it has large patches of peace and serenity, there’s an awful lot of chaos, too—more than any of us would like. 
“Children are our future,” is a phrase we banter around quite superficially.  It sounds like a very wise statement but do we really get it?
To be born in a hospital setting as if our entrance into the world were a possible catastrophe in the making is a complete paradox to the exquisite event of the human birth miracle, another holy incarnation onto this planet!  Force, fear and impersonality are most often written into the opening scene of a new human’s life.  I was raised to feel secure in this system of beliefs but somewhere along the way I began to question it and once you begin questioning, answers come!
By the time I conceived a child, I viewed birth as much more than adding another member to the family.  I saw it as a sacred, very natural experience in which I was cooperating with the Divine to bring another light being into the world.  I realized it was my job to allow my child’s birth experience to be the most beautiful, supernal one possible.  I knew it was my patent responsibility to foster my son’s remembrance of his Divinity by always providing him an ambiance that would encourage this realization, and that it should begin not only at birth but as soon as I knew I had conceived.
These things became a ‘given’ in my consciousness so it is always surprising to me when people say I was brave to give birth without anesthetics and at home. I was someone who fainted at the sight of blood or any wave of intense feelings of anxiety. I wasn’t the physical picture of robustness either.  Courage never even entered into it, but love and selflessness did—love for my son from the very first instant and devotion to the Divine.
Although we cannot place complete responsibility on the kind of birth experience we provide for our newborn, I feel the one we create sets a tone for the lifetime about to play out.  If parents are passionate about clearing the way for a birthing that is holistic, natural and holy, it follows that the family home will be one of peace, gentleness and sharing.  If a newborn baby child feels warmth and intimacy all around her in her first moments on earth, she is probably more likely to re-create the same throughout her life and those fortunate to know her will benefit. Who knows the energetics that are placed in motion for the growing child and family because a conscious birth experience was chosen?
We continue to place band-aids on the suffering and injustice in the world.  While we do the best we can in healing our grown up selves and helping others to do the same, those of us who are bearing children can help effect a real, holistic cure for our suffering planet, one baby at a time.  I am convinced we can one day step into a glowing, loving planet dedicated to equanimity for all if more and more parents come to recognize their sacred responsibility and privilege of providing a nurturing, reverential and sublime welcome for our new advanced beings flying to planet earth at this time.
— Purusha, Publisher, Velocity Magazine, Central Florida
Copyright 2010

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