Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Balanced Pregnancy

by Kateyah Kapashah, Doula, LMT

As I continue to immerse myself in the process of birth, spirituality is present.  What a mystical journey it is!
From the love-making experience to the moments of labor and delivery, to creating a new way of being, we move up and down the chakric system, cleansing and clearing away pieces of the past that no longer resonate with us, creating space for this new life to emerge.
All this occurs instantly and simultaneously on many levels for a pregnant woman: physically, mentally and emotionally.  It is important to keep the energy flowing and the chakras clear during this process.  Everything we say and do—all our experiences—affect the baby in the womb.  It is all energy.  We are all energy. Emotional stress is something a new mother must manage as many new things are occurring for her within and without. Finding safe and drug-free ways to move through emotions will create peace for you, your baby, your environment and the world. The father/partner must also be in balance so that the baby enjoys a balanced, light-filled environment.
Chakras are body centers energetically connected to the endocrine system and can assist,  through intention and by managing stress, in the energetic movement of hormones within the body.  Each chakra resonates with certain emotions and behaviors causing the energy to move freely or sluggishly. Doing yoga, deep breathing or receiving massage or energy clearing during pregnancy helps us move forward with the new life growing within and also with the many outer life changes during pregnancy and after delivery. Massage assists by bringing relaxation to the physical body, calming the emotional body and freeing the mind from negative thinking that causes most of our stress.  Bringing ourselves into the moment will keep us connected to our breath, which will assist us in peacefully moving through anything that throws us off our center.
Whether you are birthing a baby or some other new creation in your life, I pray that the love of the Universe wraps itself around you and brings you peace.
— Kateyah, Doula (Natural Childbirthing Support), Massage Therapist
Copyright 2010

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